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Highland Naupaktias

The area of Nafpaktos is an ideal destination for a short getaway from the city. The area is ideal to attract discerning tourists seeking various forms of alternative tourism throughout the year. For nature lovers who want to combine their holiday with a return to nature, anavaptisthoun to reanimate her bosom, and even the people who seek to exercise along with the recreation mountainous Nafpaktos is a haven for such activities.

Mountain Nafpaktia one can cross it by car or on foot and on selected routes specially engraved wonderful - paths through forests, small ravines, streams, picturesque villages and a stunning flora.

In the world of mountains of Nafpaktos challenge for discovery is ongoing and it is available and tenacity of everyone to know the authenticity of indigenous and pure timeless tradition that erupts from the lifestyle of these wonderful people. Your options are endless in Nafpaktia, as are the endless beauty.

Evinos is the favorite river those attracted by the "river" sports, kayaking, rafting, the kanoingk. No organized facilities for such sports, at least two points, Poros and oregano Chani Bania, which you can easily get your information.

The climate of Nafpaktos considered among the best in the country. A temperate Mediterranean climate with mild winters and relatively cool summers. Has increased rainfall, short periods of summer drought and sunshine. The local average temperature is 18 degrees.


access and instructions

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Travel Information

Anyone who wants to visit Nafpaktos from Athens leoforeiotou can use bus or private car. Access from Athens can be done either via Corinth and either the bridge or ferry Rio Antirio after a 216 km journey and through Livadia and Itea after a 270 km journey.

The Upper country is 63 km from Nafpaktos, the Simos is 32 km and the Tree is 52 km. A number of roads, most asphalt, lead you in 43 villages of Nafpaktos.

For timetables of public transport we recommend updating your phone from the offices of the bus:

Bus Information
In Athens : 210 5129293
In Nafpaktos  : 26340 27224